5-star hotels in Jaipur begin food home delivery, laundry services at affordable prices to boost revenue

5-star hotels in Jaipur begin food home delivery, laundry services at affordable prices to boost revenue

Guess who you may wish to call to for your next meal through home delivery service? Perhaps a five-star hotel which you earlier thought may charge you a bomb for an extravagant meal.

However, now, several five-star hotels in Jaipur will be providing home delivery of scrumptious food, that too not at a heavy price.

This move has helped revenue sheets of these hotels with numerous costs and overheads, but little to look forward to in terms of guest check-ins and dine-ins in this Covid era.

It has also ensured that those customers who have been fearful of venturing out, visiting a hotel or a restaurant, sharing stuff with others, can get to have their favourite meal in the comfort of their home and at a reasonable price.

Holiday Inn, a five-star hotel in Jaipur, famous for its Chinese restaurant, has been providing home delivery of food to its loyal as well as new customers on a 50% discount. The hotel has also been providing door-to-door laundry services to customers in amid the pandemic.

“See, we have done a couple of innovations to have our business and to keep the teams motivated during such times, lockdown specifically. So, we have started doing food and laundry deliveries among the local crowds in Jaipur.”, Pankaj Gupta, General Manager, Holiday Inn, Jaipur, told India Today TV.

“Yeah, for the lockdown period, we have got a specific menu, called the door-to-door menu, and we have got a very lucrative price for everyone. The minimum order amount is Rs 1,000. We have kept a very lucrative price and besides that, there are combos for everyone,” Gupta said.

Clarks Amer Hotel, one of the oldest five-star properties in Jaipur, has also been delivering food to its customers who have either been apprehensive or unwilling to venture out for a visit to the hotel due to the fear of Covid-19.

Earlier, the hotels in Jaipur had been closed customers during the initial phase of the lockdown. However, after they began operations, several five-star hotels started home delivery of food to customers. The food is sent in a chauffeur-driven vehicle, along with a chef, so that customers can get to have it piping hot just the way they were used to having it in the hotels.

The staff at these five-star hotels have been following various precautionary measures such as use of sanitisers, hand gloves and masks, to ensure that the risk factor is minimised.

The hotel industry, like various other sectors, has been hit hard by the pandemic as the inflow of customers came to a nought during the lockdown. But steps like these have been helping five-star hotels, with various fixed overheads and numerous variable costs, to keep afloat.

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